Reseller info

Dear Partner,

Welcome to the MOTOEYE world.

In the following document we have gathered all the information you may need in our cooperation.


Our mission is to make the MOTOEYE brand the world’s number one motorcycle glasses solution.

Our company, Licon Kft. has been operating in the wholesale of glasses frames in Hungary since 2006. We are proud to have sold 3 million glasses frames in this market.

In 2017, we developed and patented a special glasses solution to wear with helmets. Traditional glasses frames are difficult or impossible to fit under helmets. A pair of glasses with standard temples press on the ears under a helmet, which is uncomfortable and accident-prone even in the short run. The product development is based on more than 17 years of professional and 37 years of motorcycling experience. The special temple solution of MOTOEYE products is covered by design protection, which means that currently it has no competitors.

At present, over 70 optical shops in Hungary market our products successfully. We would be pleased if you joined the team of successful MOTOEYE dealers.

Our team

Lukács Balázs – trade
400 resellers in Hungary
In-house sales team

Turi Szabolcs – Product development (motorcycle rider and optician)
37 years of motorcycling experience
17 years in the profession of optician

Szabó László – Marketing
Over 11 years of experience in international sale and the online sales market

Gyüre Ildikó – Customer Relationship Manager
13 years of experience as optometrist
11 years of experience in customer relations

Our collection

  • 8 models, totalling a collection of 20 pieces with colour variations
  • Men, women and unisex models, mixed
  • All frames have changeable temples. One pair of special temples for wearing under helmets, and another pair for normal (street) use
  • Available sizes: Width between 130-149 mm (calibre: 48-58)
  • Base material: ULTEM.
  • Design: all models with full frames
  • Magnetic Clip-on sunglasses for each model
  • Full range of models are also available in sunglasses version
  • High-quality packaging
    • UV varnishing on paper box
    • Glasses case with foam padding (with compartments for accessories)
    • Microfibre textile bag
    • Clip-On holder

Sales concept

Our target group includes motorcycle riders who wear glasses. With this in mind, we make our products available in specialist optical stores and motorcycle shops.


  • Our marketing activity is based on presenting the MOTOEYE brand to motorcycle riders who wear glasses, and ensuring that they will seek it at our reseller partners. We achieve this goal through intensive online campaigns. We display our partners in the menu “Shop Finder” of our website, which we also promote directly
  • IMPORTANT! To have your shop(s) listed in the menu “Shop Finder”, please enter its/their contact details after the first purchase. You can find the form under the menu “For Resellers/My Shops”.
  • According to our experience in Hungary, 50% of customers find our partners’ shops using the Shop Finder function
  • We will make our online materials available to you under the “Downloads” option
  • For product placement we provide 4 pcs of displays
  • Our complete marketing package is provided free for our partners
  • We offer the option of a link to the online store


After logging in to the online store you will see the current net wholesale prices. We invoice the net amounts in accordance with international export rules.

Purchase, payment, delivery

  • Before you start distributing, you have the opportunity to purchase 1 trial product at a 50% discount at the wholesale price. The coupon code will be sent automatically after registration.
  • First purchase: minimum 12 pcs
  • No quantity or value limit for additional purchases
  • You may choose from our various discounted “start” packages. These discounted packages will also be available to you later. In the online store, select the “Bundle product filter in the top left filter panel.
    • “S” package: 12 pcs “top selling” products at wholesale price.
    • “M” package: 20 pcs, complete model range, with a discount of 5% off the wholesale price.
    • “L” package: 40 pcs, 2 complete model range of products, with a discount of 10% off the wholesale price.
  • Payment by credit card or in advance via bank transfer.
  • We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on your first purchase.
  • The goods offered are in our own stock.
  • Orders are fulfilled from our warehouse in Europe.
  • Shipments are dispatched no later than within 2 working days (1 working day on average)
  • Delivery within the EU: 2-3 working days

Warranty and parts

  • In the event of a defect during the warranty period, you can order the required part free of charge by clicking on the “Order of parts under warranty” button in the menu “Parts” of the store under the “Cart” button.
  • We will send you the part you need free of charge and without delay (within 1 working day)
  • No shipping costs will be charged for the shipment of a part under warranty
  • All components of the glasses are available from stock, whether you wish to buy them or claim them under warranty
  • Collect defective parts and send them to us at least once a year. For details on how to return them, see the “GUARANTEE” menu

Customer Service

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at the e-mail address or use the “Contact Us” tab in the “Info” menu.


You may book an appointment for an online meeting HERE.


You can try our products on in the comfort of your own home. Order the model you like (several at a time, if you wish), try them on and choose the most suitable one. Send back the ones you don't need. The price of the products will be refunded together with the shipping costs. You can find the details of how to return products in the INFO menu under "SEND BACK", or click HERE and follow the instructions in the "SEND BACK" section.

If you need help, stop by a MOTOEYE dealer and they'll be happy to help you find the right model. Use the SHOP FINDER menu item to see a list of shops, or click HERE.


MOTOEYE frames do not require special lenses. You can also ask your optician to fit your usual dioptric lenses. Choose the right model, then visit your favourite optician and take your MOTOEYE frame with you. Any optician will be able to prepare the right dioptric lenses for you, but you can also use one of our official MOTOEYE dealers in the SHOP FINDER menu item, or by clicking HERE.

You can buy from us without risk, because if for some reason you don't want to keep the product, you can return it without reason within 14 days of receiving it and we will refund the full purchase price including shipping costs. You can read about the details of the return in the INFO menu under the RETURNS point in the CANCELLATION section, or you can access it by clicking HERE.