User Manual

Every eyeglass frame is equipped with a so-called DEMO lens, which is not suitable for regular use from an optical and safety perspective. Its function is purely aesthetic or to assist the work of an Optician/Eyewear professional for marking purposes. The replacement of the DEMO lens with the final prescription lens ready for use is the responsibility of the optician/optical store.

Always put on and take off the glasses with both hands, holding them by both temples.

Sweat touching the eyeglass frame can damage its material and coating. To avoid this, rinse it daily with lukewarm water and a pH-neutral detergent (dishwashing or hand soap). Strong chemicals (e.g., hair spray, hair dye, perfume, acetone, sprays, etc.) can damage the frame material and surface.

Frames are not resistant to mechanical (e.g., impact, bending) and chemical effects (paint, corrosive substances) resulting from improper use. The warranty and guarantee do not cover such damages.

The article number is located on the front of the glasses above the nose bridge. If it is not indicated on your documents at the time of purchase, we recommend noting it down, as it may wear off over time. Without this information, we cannot address any claims, either within or outside the warranty period.

The special helmet arms are designed for helmet use. The glasses with special helmet arms are not suitable for wearing without a helmet. For this purpose, use the regular arms.

For proper functioning of the helmet arms, a helmet of the appropriate size and quality is necessary.

To replace the arms, press the locking pin on the inner side while pulling out the arm. For insertion, simply push the end of the arm into the connector until the pin snaps into place.

On the inner side of the arms, "R" (Right) and "L" (Left) are marked for right and left sides. Pay special attention to this when using helmet arms. The ridges should always face outward, and the "wing" should be upward, as shown in the product images.

The eyeglass frame comes with a Clip-On with gray polarized sunglasses lenses classified as CAT 3 (9-18% light transmission). Its use is recommended in strong light. Do not use it in poor visibility conditions; for this purpose, a yellow lens is recommended.

The Clip-On attaches to the eyeglass frame with a magnet. Simply place it on the front of the glasses and release it.

Only the recommended Clip-On models can be used for a specific eyeglass frame.


You can try our products on in the comfort of your own home. Order the model you like (several at a time, if you wish), try them on and choose the most suitable one. Send back the ones you don't need. The price of the products will be refunded together with the shipping costs. You can find the details of how to return products in the INFO menu under "SEND BACK", or click HERE and follow the instructions in the "SEND BACK" section.

If you need help, stop by a MOTOEYE dealer and they'll be happy to help you find the right model. Use the SHOP FINDER menu item to see a list of shops, or click HERE.


MOTOEYE frames do not require special lenses. You can also ask your optician to fit your usual dioptric lenses. Choose the right model, then visit your favourite optician and take your MOTOEYE frame with you. Any optician will be able to prepare the right dioptric lenses for you, but you can also use one of our official MOTOEYE dealers in the SHOP FINDER menu item, or by clicking HERE.

You can buy from us without risk, because if for some reason you don't want to keep the product, you can return it without reason within 14 days of receiving it and we will refund the full purchase price including shipping costs. You can read about the details of the return in the INFO menu under the RETURNS point in the CANCELLATION section, or you can access it by clicking HERE.