MOTOEYE brand products are glasses frames specifically designed for motorcycle crash helmets.

Traditional frames are difficult or even impossible to fit into helmets. A pair of glasses with standard temples press on the ear under the helmet, which is uncomfortable and accident-prone even in the short run. Not least, this can cause your glasses to become dented or broken.

MOTOEYE frames are suitable for wearing with a crash helmet. All frames have changeable temples. One pair of special temples for wearing under a helmet, and another pair for normal (street) use.


The temples can be easily changed by means of a connector on the front of the end pieces. The temples can be easily pulled out by pushing in the safety pin on the inside of the connector. To insert it, simply push the end of the temple into the socket until the pin snaps into place.

The inner sides of the temples are marked with "R" (Right) and "L" (Left) to indicate which side they can be used for. The two sides should not be swapped. This is highly important when using the helmet temples. The edges on the side of the special temples should always face outwards and the tip of the "wing" should always face upwards, as shown in the product pictures.


The special helmet temples were designed for use with crash helmets. The glasses with these special temples are not suitable for wearing without a helmet! In some cases, such as when there is no hair or there is only very short hair on your temples, the glasses can be maintained in place, but this is not a requirement of the product. For this purpose, the street temples are suitable.

For the helmet temples to work properly, you need a helmet of the right size and quality that fits properly (tightly, as specified by helmet manufacturers) on the wearer’s head. In this case, the edges on the outside of the special temples—which are inserted between your temple and the helmet padding—press into the padding to secure the frame.

When you are wearing traditional glasses, you can feel them on your ears. Since the helmet temples do not cause any sensation, there is no concrete feedback that the glasses are on and that they are at the right angle (pantoscopic tilt). To set the correct wearing angle, while sliding the special temples between the helmet and the temple, push the ends of the temples slightly upwards. It’s worth trying them on without a helmet with two different temples on the two sides. Leave the street temples on one side and the helmet temples on the other, so you can easily feel the difference.


Since the primary function of the glasses is to be worn in helmets, it is important to choose the right size. The easiest way to do this is to measure the gap in the helmet at the point where the temples of the glasses will come into contact with the helmet padding. Choose a frame width with the measured size ±3 mm

To do this, simply use the “width” filter on the website to find the model with the right size. For example, the helmet gap is 137 mm. Set the width filter between 135 and 139 mm.


To get dioptric lenses, visit your optician, and take your frames and helmet with you.





You can try our products on in the comfort of your own home. Order the model you like (several at a time, if you wish), try them on and choose the most suitable one. Send back the ones you don't need. The price of the products will be refunded together with the shipping costs. You can find the details of how to return products in the INFO menu under "SEND BACK", or click HERE and follow the instructions in the "SEND BACK" section.

If you need help, stop by a MOTOEYE dealer and they'll be happy to help you find the right model. Use the SHOP FINDER menu item to see a list of shops, or click HERE.


MOTOEYE frames do not require special lenses. You can also ask your optician to fit your usual dioptric lenses. Choose the right model, then visit your favourite optician and take your MOTOEYE frame with you. Any optician will be able to prepare the right dioptric lenses for you, but you can also use one of our official MOTOEYE dealers in the SHOP FINDER menu item, or by clicking HERE.

You can buy from us without risk, because if for some reason you don't want to keep the product, you can return it without reason within 14 days of receiving it and we will refund the full purchase price including shipping costs. You can read about the details of the return in the INFO menu under the RETURNS point in the CANCELLATION section, or you can access it by clicking HERE.